The Trails is not a crisis center. If you or a loved one is at immediate risk of harm to themselves or others, please dial 911.

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Private Mental Health Rehab in Ohio

Along with the rest of the country, Ohio is experiencing a mental health epidemic. It’s estimated that 1 in 5 Ohioans suffer from a mental illness. The national suicide rate has also increased by more than 30% since 1999, with teens and young adults being the highest affected demographic.

Due this surge of mental health conditions and the effect it has on communities, there is a need now more than ever for comprehensive mental health treatment options. The Ohio Mental Health Center at The Trails was created to offer a unique and fully integrated treatment option not found anywhere else in the state. Our private mental health rehab is designed to foster true healing for depression, anxiety, trauma, mood disorders, and other conditions in a longer-term residential environment. We encourage you to call us today at 866-959-9910 to learn more.

Why Choose Us?

The Premier Mental Health Rehab in Ohio

Your health insurance could cover up to 100% of the cost of treatment. We’re happy to include the following amenities and services to call clients:

Primary Rehab Amenities and Features:

  • Family visitations
  • Family therapy
  • Individualized
  • Group therapy
  • 1 on 1 counseling
  • Art therapy
  • 24/7 Nursing
  • Psychiatry
  • Recreations
  • Tobacco and Vaping
  • Hiking trails
  • Dual-diagnosis care
  • Transportation
  • Yoga & Personal Training
  • Life Skills
  • Small population

Have questions or want to verify insurance benefits? A mental health advisor is standing by.

Our Mental Health Rehab Services

  • Back Deck
  • Bath Tub
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Intervention
  • Detox
  • Residential Treatment
  • Aftercare

Types of Mental Health Rehabilitation Programs At The Trails

Types of Mental Health Conditions We Treat

The mental health rehab at The Trails offers long term residential care for a variety of behavioral and mental health conditions. Many inpatient programs in Ohio are crisis-focused, offering short stays in a hospital-like environment. The Trails program is unique in that stays are at least 30 days in a home-like environment. We also do not treat acute crises. A crisis is defined as immediate danger to yourself or others. Some of our clients are stabilized at a crisis center prior to their stay at The Trails.

At The Trails, we foster the healing process in a safe and comfortable environment. Many psychiatric medications can take weeks to start having full effect, which is why many crisis centers often fall short in true stabilization and healing. The Trails integrates medical intervention, clinical intervention, holistic treatment, and life skills to ensure you or a loved one has a full grasp on their mental health when they leave our care.

Some of the conditions we treat include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma & PTSD
  • Bipolar
  • Borderline personality disorder
  • Schizophrenia or Schizo-effective disorder
  • Addiction & Substance use disorder
  • Mood disorders
  • Other behavioral disorders

If you aren’t sure what’s wrong but think you or a loved one needs help, our psychiatric and clinical teams can also diagnose undiscovered mental health conditions.

Your Individualized Treatment Plan

Everyone’s mental health treatment journey is different and very personal. At The Trails, we understand each person comes to us with unique strengths and challenges. We build upon those strengths and help our clients learn new coping skills to overcome their challenges.

When you enter our care, your team of clinicians and doctors will perform social, psychological and physical assessments to develop a custom treatment plan. This can include medications, certain types of therapies, family therapy, life-skills training, and coping skill training. 

Some of the therapeutic modalities you may experience while at The Trails include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Group therapy
  • Holistic therapies, such as art and adventure therapy

You will also receive case management and be given a custom aftercare plan. We can help with work, certain types of legal issues, and family issues to ensure you are prepared for success when you return to “everyday life.” We may also recommend outpatient care, continued medication check ups, and peer support for ongoing treatment.

When is Mental Health Rehab Right For Me or A Loved One?

It is a major decision to choose to go to an inpatient mental health rehab, but it can be one of the best investments you can make for your health & wellbeing. Mental health rehabs are best for individuals who have struggled to find successful mental health treatment and their condition is affecting their daily life. 

Medication or counseling alone sometimes is not enough to fully treat certain mental illnesses. These interventions are often best utilized in conjunction, as mental health conditions are often both behavioral and physical in nature. In an inpatient mental health rehab, behavioral therapy, psychiatry, and holistic therapy are combined to give an all encompassing treatment program.

If one or more of the following statements are true, you or a loved one may benefit from mental health rehabilitation at The Trails:

  • My mental health is affecting my relationships
  • My mental health is affecting my job
  • My mental health is affecting my ambitions
  • I find little joy in life
  • I’m always sad and can’t seem to shake it
  • I am too nervous to leave the home
  • I often have flashbacks or nightmares that interfere with my life
  • I have uncontrollable mood swings
  • My medication doesn’t seem to work
  • Therapy isn’t helping me
  • I’m often paranoid
  • My mental health is affecting my physical health
  • My mental health is getting me in legal trouble

This is not an exhaustive list, but these are common reasons individuals seek specialized help at an inpatient mental health center.

If you are seeking help for a loved one, we understand how difficult it can be. We know it can be heartbreaking to feel hopeless over a loved one’s mental health disorder, but we can assure you there is hope!

Common reasons a family member may seek help for their loved one include:

  • Multiple stays at crisis centers
  • Unable to hold a job
  • Suicide attempts
  • Neglecting personal hygiene
  • Homelessness
  • Legal problems due to their mental health

If any of these sound familiar, you aren’t alone. Our compassionate staff helps families just like yours every day. At The Trails, we specialize in treating individuals with high acuity or chronic mental health conditions, from substance abuse to complex co-occurring conditions. Our team of specialists can help your loved one turn their life around and get a hold of their mental health. Through evidence based therapy and case management, our program will prepare your loved one up for a successful road to recovery.

What To Look For When Trying To Find Inpatient Mental Health Treatment

When trying to find inpatient mental health rehab for yourself or a loved one, it’s important to understand the difference in types of inpatient programs. The highest level of care is a crisis unit. Individuals who are threatening to harm themselves or others, or who have already harmed themselves or others, are often referred to a crisis unit for a 72 hour hold. These can be voluntary or involuntary commitments to a psychiatric hospital where the individual is stabilized. 

Though the emergency is addressed at a crisis unit, this does not prevent another crisis in the future. Unfortunately many individuals who would benefit from more care are discharged after their 72-hour hold. Many psychiatric medications take much longer than 72 hours to have full effect, so recurring crises are a common phenomena among individuals with chronic mental health conditions.

A step below a crisis center is a facility like The Trails. At The Trails, we offer longer-term care in a residential setting – not a hospital. Rather than treating these symptoms alone, we treat the underlying causes of mental illness, address untreated trauma, and manage medications over a longer period of time to ensure true stabilization. This gives our clients much more freedom to switch medications if they aren’t comfortable all while in a safe environment.

Our inpatient program also offers privacy, luxurious amenities, and individualized case management not found in a psychiatric hospital. In addition to psychiatry and psychotherapy, clients engage in small groups, art therapy, adventure therapy, and more during their stay at The Trails.

If you’re looking for a 30-day or longer rehab like The Trails, contact us today to find out if we’re a fit. A compassionate specialist is standing by to answer your call.

What Are The Next Steps?

The first step is to reach out to one of our admissions specialists. We can provide pre-assessments over the phone, recommend a level of care, and verify insurance benefits. You can reach us through phone or our contact form. If you are a fit for The Ohio Mental Health Center at The Trails, we can schedule an admission (even same-day). We also offer complimentary transportation throughout the state of Ohio and even surrounding states. 

Once admitted, you will receive a more formal assessment to develop your treatment plan.

If you still are unsure or just have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. A compassionate, live representative is always available to talk, toll-free and no-obligation at 866-959-9910

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