The Trails is not a crisis center. If you or a loved one is at immediate risk of harm to themselves or others, please dial 911.
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The Ohio Mental Health Center at The Trails is a unique residential mental health facility that looks and feels like home. Unlike a traditional psychiatric hospital, our beautiful 28-acre campus in Newark, Ohio applies a long-term, person-centered treatment model that goes beyond a single medication or therapy. Our integrated team works with clients to fully address all physical, psychological, and social components of chronic mental health conditions to foster true healing and break the cycle of relapse.

Core Components:

  • No lockdown
  • Small & Private
  • Inpatient
  • Psychiatry
  • Luxury Amenities
  • Hiking Trails
  • Excursions
  • Vocational Training
  • Life Skills
  • Insurance Accepted

We’re proud to accept most major health insurance plans. Call now to verify your coverage over the phone or start your assessment.

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Person-Centered Mental Healthcare

Explore Mental Health Treatment Options

With medication management, counseling, and inpatient rehabilitation, The Ohio Mental Health Center at The Trails provides fully integrated mental healthcare.
Inpatient Treatment

Invest in Yourself And Take Control of Your Mental Health

The choice to begin mental health treatment can be difficult. Due to embarrassment, lack of knowledge of their condition, or even denial, many people struggling with mental health conditions are reluctant to ask for help. Others may have had unsuccessful medications and are left discouraged – wondering if there is light at the end of the tunnel. But rest assured, there is hope!

Making the choice to undergo inpatient mental health treatment is the best investment you can make toward your health, happiness, and wellbeing. At The Trails, we offer the most comprehensive and integrated residential treatment program in Ohio. Through evidence-based and trauma-informed psychotherapy, psychiatry, life-skills, and holistic models, we help our clients turn their lives around and take control of their mental health.

A Full Continuum of Care

Insurance Could* Cover 100% Of The Cost of Inpatient Treatment

Many people suffering with mental health conditions may have been hospitalized in the past for a crisis. The Trails is different. We are not a hospital and we are not a crisis center. The Ohio Mental Health Center at The Trails is an often missing link between crisis-level care and everyday life. Rather than addressing a crisis in a vacuum, our program ensures stability and true healing. This is achieved through residential rehabilitation, typically lasting 30 days or longer. This gives our doctors and clinicians enough time to fully address a mental health condition all while in a safe and comfortable environment, removed from the stressors of everyday life. Contact us today to see if your health insurance plan will cover treatment at The Trails.

Look No Further

A Private Inpatient Mental Health Facility in Newark, Ohio

Our private rehab in Newark, OH is one of the only mental health focused residential rehabs in the entire state. There are many psychiatric hospitals in Ohio, but few offer the level of intimate care and comfort found at The Trails. We believe in the importance of environment and the impact it has on mental health treatment, so that’s why we are proud to offer a tranquil program located in a beautiful retro-fitted home on 27 acres of woodlands, which includes hiking trails and a pond. At The Ohio Mental Health Center at The Trails, you or a loved one will learn new life-skills, coping skills, develop a close-knit peer support group, receive medical and clinical care, and develop an aftercare plan to ensure life-long recovery.

Our Happy Clients

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  • “Like family”

    I would recommend this facility to anyone struggling with addiction. They treat everyone on an individual basis and like family!!

    Monica M.
  • “Changed my life!”

    My experience at OARC was amazing! Incredible staff and counselors. This place changed my life!

    Payton H.
  • “Personalized”

    What sets them apart from others is the more personalized attention and communication you receive right from the start.

    Laurie W.
    Parent of a Client
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