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Private Depression Rehab in Ohio

Everyone has highs and lows, but clinical depression can significantly impact relationships, your career, and your ambitions. Over 21 million Americans have had a major depressive episode in the past year. Depressive episodes can make everyday life difficult. Getting out of bed, leaving the home, and staying focused on tasks can be a daily battle for those suffering with clinical depression. To begin your journey to a happy and rewarding lifestyle, give us a call today 866-959-9910.

Depression is not a sign of weakness or a matter of just “cheering up.” Clinical depression is a serious health condition caused by both brain chemistry and behavioral factors. Without professional help, depression can seem like a losing battle for those afflicted.

You don’t have to fight alone. At The Ohio Mental Health Center at The Trails, we offer the most comprehensive depression rehabilitation program in the state of Ohio. Our residential program addresses the physical, psychological, and behavioral aspects of depression, enabling you to get on a path of happiness and healing.

Why Choose Us?

The Premier Depression Rehab in Ohio

The Trails Mental Health Facility

Did you know your health insurance might cover 100% of the cost of treatment? At OARC, this includes the following amenities and services:

Primary Detox Amenities and Services:

  • Medication
  • 24/7 Nursing
  • Catered Food
  • Personal fitnes
  • Yoga
  • Low population
  • Individualized
  • Daily Medical 1 on 1
  • 1 on 1 Counseling
  • Transportation
  • Hiking trails
  • Group therapy
  • Smoking and Vaping
  • Adventure therapy
  • Psychiatry
  • Life Skills

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We Treat Depression Differently

If you’ve tried medications and counseling and still feel you are a prey to depression, we understand how discouraging it can be. In fact, many of our clients come to us when other treatment methods have seemed to fail.

At The Trails, we don’t believe in “routine” depression treatment. Our program offers a highly individualized approach to mental health care. In fact, many of our clients come to us when other treatment methods have seemed to fail.

At the specialized depression rehab at The Trails, you will stay at our beautiful residence in Newark, Ohio where your team of doctors and clinicians will develop a custom treatment plan. Treatment plans consist of evidence-based therapies, medications, and holistic therapies. Removed from the stressors of everyday life, inpatient rehabilitation gives you the opportunity to focus completely on healing.

Our focus on comfort, patient-centered care, and individualized treatment plans make The Ohio Mental Health Center at The Trails unlike any other program in Ohio. By calling our toll-free line at 866-959-9910, you’ll immediately begin to sense the personalized care and attention that makes The Trails unique.

What is The Ohio Depression Rehab at The Trails?

A depression rehab is a residential facility specializing in the treatment of clinical depression. Many people associate addiction with the term “rehab”, but there are actually rehabs specifically for mental health conditions as well.

Our Ohio depression rehab is a unique program designed for those suffering from chronic depression. Many individuals who choose to enter a depression rehab have not had success with other treatment options, such as medications or therapy. Others come to us who have had suicide attempts or thoughts of suicide. One thing our clients all have in common – they are tired of having depression rule their lives.

A depression rehab is an inpatient program in a residential facility, typically lasting 30 or more days. In rehab, you are treated by expert teams of clinicians, psychologists, and psychiatrists who design a custom treatment plan for you or a loved one. Treatment plans often consist of:

  • Medications, such as antidepressants
  • Individual therapy, such as CBT, DBT, Motivational interviewing, EMDR, and more
  • Group therapy
  • Holistic therapy, such as Yoga, meditation, art therapy, and adventure therapy
  • Life skills
  • Coping skills

Unique aspects of depression rehab are added therapeutic models that aren’t typically provided in outpatient settings, such as life-skills, coping skills, adventure therapy, peer support, and other evidence-based & holistic therapies. 

If you have had previous treatments for depression, such as antidepressant medications, you may be all too familiar with the fact that every person’s physiology is different. It can take two, three, or more medication attempts before finding the one that works best for you.

For people suffering from major depression, waiting weeks or months to finally find the correct medication can feel daunting or hopeless. In a residential depression rehab, you are removed from everyday stressors and can receive medications and therapies in a safe & comfortable environment.

In our private depression rehab, we offer a level of privacy and individualized care not found anywhere else. We are not a hospital. The Trails is a home-like facility nestled in the woodlands of Licking County, Ohio. Our property features hiking trails, a pond, and luxurious amenities to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible.

When is Depression Rehab Right For Me or A Loved One?

To understand if depression rehab is right for you or a loved one, we always recommend giving us a call at 866-959-9910. Our admissions specialists can help with a no-obligation assessment to help you determine the most appropriate level of care. It can seem like a major disruption to your daily life to decide to go to rehab, but it can be a life changing (and life-saving) decision. 

In Ohio, about 5 people die every day by suicide. Even more concerning, most recent data shows from 2007 to 2018 sucide deaths in Ohio increased by over 40%

There is often serious misunderstanding attached with sucide. Some people view suicide as “selfish” or “weak”, but in reality it is neither of these things – it is actually a symptom of the intense mental anguish associated with clinical depression. In fact, contrary to selfishness, people who experience suicidal ideation often feel as though they are a burden on their loved ones. People who attempt suicide often see no other hope to alleviate their pain. 

At The Trails, we take a comprehensive and holistic approach to depression treatment. We can help you take control of your mental health when other methods have seemed to fail. Depression rehab might be right for you if:

  • You always seem to be extremely sad, cry often, or feel hopeless
  • Find it difficult to leave the home
  • Find it difficult to get out of bed
  • Passive suicidal ideation (eg. “I wish I were not alive” or “my family  or friends would be happier if I were gone”)
  • Depression is affecting your career
  • Depression makes it difficult to keep relationships
  • Depression is affecting your home and family life
  • Depression causes you to isolate yourself
  • Constant feelings of dread or impending doom
  • My medications don’t seem to work
  • Feelings of inadequacy or worthlessness
  • Feelings of shame, remorse, and intrusive thoughts
  • Depression is causing low libido
  • Loss of motivation and interest in hobbies
  • Loss of joy, happiness, or reward 

These are some of the most common reasons people choose to enter a depression rehab. If you or a loved one relate to one or more of these statements, The Trails program may be right for your family.

Ready To Enjoy Life? The Depression Specialists at The Trails Are Standing By

If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired and are ready to make a change, The Ohio Mental Health Center at The Trails is here to provide hope and healing. The first step is to give us a call. Whether you are seeking help for yourself or a loved one, we would love to speak to you. A compassionate specialist is standing by to provide guidance, verify insurance benefits, or recommend a level of care. Your individualized care and attention starts with your first phone call. Reach us today at 866-959-9910

The Trails is not a crisis center. If you are thinking about hurting yourself, or are concerned that someone you know may be in danger of hurting himself or herself, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255). It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is staffed by certified crisis response professionals. For emergencies please call 911.

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